Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Central Administration Pages

The most pages are used by Central Administration in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 are located under 12 HiveTemplatesAdmin. The virtual location of these pages can be mentioned as SiteUrl/_admin/Page.aspx

I list out those pages in following table

Page TitleServer Relative URL LocationDescription
AddContentDatabase/_admin/newcntdb.aspxThis page used to create a new content database or to add an existing content database to this web application
AddIncomingUrl/_admin/AddIncomingUrl.aspxThis page used to add an internal url to the web application.
AlternateUrlCollections/_admin/AlternateUrlCollections.aspxThis Page list out the alternate url’s available in the farm or particular web application.
ApplicationCreated/_admin/applicationcreated.aspxThis page comes out after the creation of web application.
ApplicationManagement/_admin/applications.aspxThis page contains links to pages that help you configure settings for applications and components that are installed on the server or server farm.
AuthenticationProviders/_admin/authenticationproviders.aspxThis page list out the zone and membership providers of the web application.
Backup/_admin/Backup.aspxThis page list out the Web applications for backup.
BackupHistory/_admin/BackupHistory.aspxUse this page to manage the history logs for backup and restore operations.
BackupStatus/_admin/BackupStatus.aspxUse this page to view the backup or restore job status.
ContentDatabaseSettings/_admin/oldcntdb.aspxUse this page to manage content databases for the selected web application
CreateExternalUrl/_admin/CreateExternalUrl.aspxuse this page to create an External resource mapping.
CreateSite/_admin/CreateSite.aspxThis page used to create a new top-level Web site
DeploySolution/_admin/DeploySolution.aspxThis page has a list of the Solutions in the farm.
DspSettings/_admin/dspsettings.aspxThis page contains settings for data retrieval services.
EditOutboundUrls/_admin/EditOutboundUrls.aspxUse this page to edit the public zone URL’s of the web application
ExtendVs/_admin/extendvsoption.aspxUse this page to create a new Windows SharePoint Services application or to extend an existing application to another IIS Web Site.
FarmCredMgmt/_admin/FarmCredentialManagement.aspxUse this page to manage the service accounts in the farm.
FarmServers/_admin/FarmServers.aspxThis page has a list of the Servers in the farm.
JobEdit/_admin/JobEdit.aspxUse this page to change or delete a timer job.
ManageContentDatabases/_admin/cntdbadm.aspxUse this page to manage content databases for this web application.
Operations/_admin/operations.aspxThis page contains links to pages that help you manage your server or server farm, such as changing the server farm topology, specifying which services are running on each server, and changing settings that affect multiple servers or applications.
Owners/_admin/owners.aspxUse this page to view and change the primary and secondary site collection administrators for a site collection.
Policy/_admin/policy.aspxThis Page used to manage the Policy for the web application.
PolicyAnonymous/_admin/policyanon.aspxThis page has the Policy settings for the anonym ous users of the Web application.
PolicyRole/_admin/policyrole.aspxUse this page to add the Permission Policy level for the web application.
PolicyRoles/_admin/policyroles.aspxUse this page to manage the permission levels for the web application.
PolicyUser/_admin/policyuser.aspxUse this page to add the policy for the users in Web application.
Restore/_admin/Restore.aspxUse this page to restore from backup.
RestoreStep1/_admin/RestoreStep1.aspxUse this page to get the Backup file location of the web application.
RestoreStep3/_admin/RestoreStep3.aspxUse this page to restore the specific content from the web application.
RetractSolution/_admin/RetractSolution.aspxThis Page used to retract the solution from the web application.
RevertUpgrade/_admin/RevertUpgrade.aspxUse this page to revert back to the previous version environment.
SelectAlternateUrlCollection/_admin/SelectAlternateUrlCollection.aspxUse this page to select the alternate URL for the web application.
SelectServer/_admin/SelectServer.aspxUse this page to select the server from server collection.
SelectService/_admin/SelectService.aspxUse this page to select the service from the service collection.
SelectSite/_admin/SelectSite.aspxUse this page to select the SiteCollection from Web Application.
SelectWebApplication/_admin/SelectWebApplication.aspxUse this page to select the Web Application from the collections of Web Applications.
Server/_admin/Server.aspxThis page has the list of service from the Server.
ServiceJobDefinitions/_admin/ServiceJobDefinitions.aspxThis page has a list of the timer job definitions of the server or web application.
ServiceRunningJobs/_admin/ServiceRunningJobs.aspxThis page has a list of the timer jobs running in Web Application.
SiteCreated/_admin/SiteCreated.aspxThis page displays after the creation of SiteCollection.
Solutions/_admin/Solutions.aspxThis page has a list of the Solutions in the farm.
SolutionStatus/_admin/SolutionStatus.aspxUse this page to list the Status for the Solution of the web application.
StartBackup/_admin/StartBackup.aspxUse this page to include the content in backup of the web application.
UnextendVs/_admin/unextendvs.aspxUse this page to remove Windows SharePoint Services from an IIS Web site.
UpgradeStatus/_admin/UpgradeStatus.aspxUse this page to see the status of a timer-based upgrade.

We can see this list of pages in Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.AdminPages internal Class from the Microsoft.SharePoint Assembly.

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